US troops in South Korea return 12 military bases to South Korea

South Korea and the United States reached an agreement on the same day on the return of 12 military bases to South Korea by U.S. troops stationed in South Korea, six of which are located in Seoul, South Korean officials said on the 11th. So far, only 12 of South Korea’s 80 U.S. military bases have yet to be recovered. According to Yonhap, an official from South Korea’s Tsing wa Tai said at the meeting on the 11th that the ROK and the US held an online meeting of the Joint Committee on the status of US forces agreement in South Korea on the same day, and reached an agreement on the return of 12 bases from the us to South Korea. < / P > < p > according to the agreement, the newly recovered bases of South Korea are located in Longshan district and Central District of Seoul, as well as Gyeonggi do, Daegu City, gyeongshangbei do and gyeongywon do, with a total area of 1.465 million square meters. < / P > < p > according to Yonhap, this is the first time that the ROK has recovered part of the land of the Longshan US military base since the ROK and the US started the return of the US military base in 2002. South Korean officials say the site will be used to build parks and public rental housing projects. < / P > < p > however, the two sides did not negotiate to recover the cleaning treatment cost after the base. South Korea’s defense ministry said 11 of the 12 bases recovered exceeded the standard for heavy metals and oil pollutants. According to Yonhap, the cost of governance is not a small sum of money. South Korea’s defense ministry said that the cost of cleaning up the three bases recovered last year was as high as 98 billion won. < / P > < p > the South Korean side has been asking the US side to share part of the cost of cleaning up, but the US side insists that it will pay only when the pollution constitutes a “substantial and imminent” health risk. < / P > < p > South Korea has asked the government to use the cost of cleaning up the US military base as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the US side on military spending. However, South Korea’s defense ministry said publicly that “this is a different matter.”. < / P > < p > about 28500 US soldiers are stationed in South Korea. Since 1991, the United States and South Korea have signed 10 cost sharing agreements for US troops stationed in South Korea. The 10th military expenditure sharing agreement expired on December 31 last year, and the two sides failed to reach the 11th agreement before the expiration of the agreement. < / P > < p > South Korea previously agreed to increase the apportionment amount by 13% on the basis of the US $870 million paid in 2019, but the US side asked South Korea to apportion US $1.3 billion, an increase of 50%.