Us senior officials: banning wechat completely or having a devastating impact on many industries in the United States

Bloomberg News Agency quoted several people familiar with the matter as saying on Monday that the U.S. government said that U.S. companies would continue to use wechat in China, but the White House and Tencent did not immediately respond to it. On the same day, the wechat user Alliance said it would formally file a complaint to the court, suing trump that the administrative order against wechat, signed by trump, violated the rights granted to them by the constitution. The ban on Tencent’s app aims to ban downloading or updating wechat apps in U.S. app stores, Bloomberg said, but two people familiar with the matter said U.S. companies with business in China, such as Starbucks, could still promote and deal with Chinese consumers through wechat. The Bloomberg News Agency quoted sources as saying that in recent days, senior U.S. government officials, including U. Bloomberg also said some lobbyists have been urging the U.S. government to narrow the ban. It is also reported that the “wechat user alliance” of wechat users group said on the 21st that they would formally submit a complaint to the district federal court in Northern California, suing the administrative order signed by the government against wechat, which said that the prohibition of wechat infringed their constitutional rights and interests. Prosecutors’ lawyers say the ban will make wechat users lose a very important part of their daily lives. In the first amendment to the constitution of the United States, the government is prohibited from making any legal restrictions, media freedom and freedom of organization and assembly. On June 6, President of the United States signed an administrative order, declaring that it would prohibit any transactions related to wechat between us individuals and enterprises and Tencent in 45 days. Once the ban came out, it immediately caused many dissatisfaction among American people and enterprises, and also caused criticism and questioning of the domestic and international community of the United States.