US officials: the United States is expected to achieve “mass immunization” in May next year

According to AFP, Washington, Nov. 22, while the number of new coronal cases in the United States is still growing rapidly, muncerf slavi, an official in charge of vaccine affairs, said on Sunday that the United States is expected to launch a large-scale new crown vaccination program in December. Vaccination will be a key turning point in the fight against the epidemic, according to the report. At present, the epidemic in the United States has claimed more than 255000 lives, the highest in the world. “Our plan is to deliver the vaccine to the vaccination site within 24 hours of approval,” slavi told CNN He said the date could be December 11 or 12. < p > < p > it is said that the food and Drug Administration’s vaccine consultants will meet on December 10 to discuss the approval of the vaccine, and pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Modena say the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine is at least 95%. According to the report, slavi estimated that 20 million people across the United States could be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine in December, and the number of people vaccinated each month since then has reached 30 million.