US media: trump is “everywhere” on the first day of the Republican convention

On the evening of 24th local time, the National Congress of the Republican Party of the United States was officially held. On the first night of the convention with the theme of “promised land”, about 336 Republican representatives gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, to nominate current president trump and vice president burns as Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates. The main point of the first night of the Republican convention is Trump’s ubiquitous presence, according to an associated press report on the 24th. According to past practice, presidential candidates usually make a brief appearance in the early stage of the Convention and participate in the form of sideline watching. However, trump is expected to show up every night, and trump hopes that voters will focus on him. According to the associated press, trump enjoyed all the moments of victory and the scenes of attacking Biden during his administration on the 24th, and repeatedly inserted his own interview clips during the holding of the Republican convention. Although some Republican staff are privately worried about whether the American people will be bored by Trump’s frequent appearance, trump has not given up the stage. < p > < p > < p > in a report on the 25th of local time, the Capitol Hill newspaper said that the “darkness” on the first night of the Republican convention was greater than “Hope”, and said that the content of today’s speech seemed to make trump look “very human” and “compassionate”, so as to resist accusations of racism and gender discrimination against Communists. “Trump is a man who loves and respects the American flag, the national anthem and the American people.” “He has been fighting to improve the lives of black Americans and all Americans,” Walker said in his speech Nicky Haley, a former U.S. representative to the United Nations and governor of South Carolina, also spoke. Born into an Indian immigrant family, she was the first South Carolina Governor of color and the first female governor. In her speech, she pointed out that the United States was labeled as racist and insisted: “the United States is not a racist country.” Representative Jim Jordan of the U.S. Congress described Trump’s conversation with himself after his 21-year-old nephew passed away two years ago, saying that trump gave him great encouragement at that time. In this regard, the Associated Press reported that compassion has always been considered as one of the characteristics of presidential candidate and former Vice President Biden. On the first night of the Republican Convention on the 24th, Republicans tried to show Trump’s compassionate image, to mitigate the influence of his usual speech and behavior on the support rate of moderate voters, suburban women and elderly voters. “Capitol Hill” also said that the first night of the Republican convention did make some obvious efforts to soften the impression given by trump and his government in the past, but whether these efforts are to increase the support of ethnic minorities or to convince white voters that they are not supporting racism by voting for trump is still the focus of debate. It is reported that the four night Republican convention will be held with different themes, namely, “promised land”, “land of opportunity”, “land of heroes” and “land of greatness”. Trump will deliver a speech after his nomination at the White House on the last night of the conference.