US media: the ability of China and the us to abandon prejudice and work hard for cooperation should exist for a long time

China Daily on August 11, the Washington Post reported on August 10 that the trump administration’s ban on a series of actions against China, including Tik tok, seems to be aimed at inciting Anti China sentiment, shirking the responsibility of its government’s failure, and targeting China in the 2020 general election. However, although the phenomenon of hatred against China is as old as Sino US relations, the economic mutual benefit and cooperation over the past hundred years have resolved the discrimination against China again and again, and prevented it from escalating into violence. < / P > < p > although the prejudice of the United States against China and the Chinese people is a long-term feature of Sino US relations, the ability of the two countries to abandon prejudice and strive for cooperation also exists for a long time when the development of science and technology and trade needs it. The recovery of China’s consumer economy helped many U.S. companies offset the damage caused by the sharp drop in U.S. domestic sales in the June quarter, the Wall Street Journal reported on the 10th. Executives of some of the most famous brands in the United States pointed out in particular that the three-month performance, which would have been very difficult, had recovered some losses due to the Chinese market. < / P > < p > David Weinberg, chief operating officer of skyge, told analysts in a earnings call in late July that China provides a model of recovery, stability and then growth. China’s retail sales rebounded more strongly in the second quarter than most analysts had expected earlier this year. < / P > < p > the report points out that despite the growing political tensions between China and the United States, American brands have hardly suffered commercial influence from Chinese consumers, so they can benefit from China’s economic rebound.