US media: novel coronavirus pneumonia is more damaging than general pneumonia

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported to have been published in January 11th on January 22nd by the ScienceDaily website in

, referring to why the new crown pneumonia will last longer than what is common pneumonia and cause more damage. The full text is excerpted as follows: < / P > < p > the bacteria causing pneumonia or influenza virus can spread to large areas of the lung in a few hours. In modern intensive care units, these bacteria or viruses are usually controlled by antibiotics or the human immune system in the first few days. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is different,

, but researchers at Northwestern University hospital have found that the new crown pneumonia is different. The study was published January 11 in the journal Nature. < / P > < p > the new coronavirus will not quickly infect large areas of the lung, but “open business” in multiple small areas of the lung. It then “seizes” the immune cells in the lungs and uses them to spread to all parts of the lungs, a process that can take days or even weeks, just as multiple fires spread throughout the forest. Novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to have a fever and hypotension and damage to the kidneys, brain, heart and other organs as infection spreads slowly to the lobes of the lung. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is more severe than other pneumonia, and the more serious the complications, the more likely it is because the disease is more severe than the other, the authors of


novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first time that scientists have systematically analyzed the immune cells of lung in patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, and compared them with the immune cells of general pneumonia patients.

novel coronavirus pneumonia in Northwestern University will be tested in a clinical trial in early 2021 to treat these immune cells in patients with new crown pneumonia. The drug to be tested suppresses the inflammatory response of these immune cells, which starts the repair process in the damaged lung. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Scott Bardeen, one of the senior authors of

, said: “our goal is to make the new crown pneumonia mild and similar to a bad cold.” < / P > < p > Singh said: “researchers at Northwestern University and elsewhere have predicted that this rapidly mutating RNA virus will develop mechanisms to avoid current vaccines. Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be developed by our research. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a common cause of death in patients who are ventilated with new crown pneumonia. What’s more, the mortality rate of

is lower than that of patients who are ventilated by conventional pneumonia. Severe lung inflammation means a higher risk of death. While the duration of novel coronavirus pneumonia is long, their lung inflammation is not as serious as the former. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients can be overcome by heavy care and the medical system is not overburdened,”

Bardeen said. These patients are very ill. It really takes them a long time to get better. But if there are enough beds and care, the death rate can be controlled at 20%. If the health system is crushed, the death rate will double to 40%. ”

in order to novel coronavirus pneumonia, 86 scientists who used ventilator to get the lung fluid were analyzed by high-resolution method and compared with 256 patients with ventilator pneumonia. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, only a few groups around the world have analysed the immune response of the lungs. Therefore, what is novel coronavirus pneumonia is a missing issue. < / P > < p > What’s unique about this study at Northwestern University Hospital is that vanderlink and his colleagues had been studying pneumonia for several years before the outbreak. Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were able to conduct a systematic and safe study of lung fluids and compare with the lung fluids of the patients with severe pneumonia who had previously been collected.