US media: in order to catch up with China, India is ambitious to build “domestic” submarines

[global network reporter Xu Luming] according to the website of national interest magazine of the United States on September 3, the Indian military is increasingly seeking domestic weapons and equipment in recent years. The latest news shows that India hopes to purchase six “domestic” submarines. It is reported that the Indian government announced a list of 101 kinds of weapons and equipment last month, and will gradually ban the import of these weapons and systems from December in recent years. India is doing so in order to develop its domestic weapons industry. Since 2015, India has been second only to Saudi Arabia in arms imports. Now, from sniper rifles, aircraft to warships, the Indian military is increasingly looking for domestic equipment, and the “glory” fighter is a good example. At the same time, India is seeking to expand its naval forces, including the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier. It is necessary for New Delhi to effectively control the Indian Ocean, the report said. In response to maritime threats and to narrow the gap with China in naval power, the Indian Navy will launch an ambitious project next month to build six domestic submarines, the report said. These submarines will be built in India, and follow the strategic partnership model of the Indian Ministry of defense to enhance the localization capability and reduce the dependence on imported equipment. < / P > < p > according to the report of “Naval Intelligence Network”, the bidding request of this project is publicized as one of the largest “made in India” projects so far. The request for bid will be announced in October. Now, two Indian shipbuilding enterprises have been shortlisted, namely, larsenteboro group and Mazagan dockyard Co., Ltd. of India. The foreign companies shortlisted for defense partners include ThyssenKrupp marine systems of Germany, navantea of Spain and naval group of France. < / P > < p > the code name of the new submarine project is p-75i, but it will not be a new class submarine. Instead, it will build another six “Sebastes” class submarines, which are a type of conventional power submarines launched by France and Spain for export to the international market. The submarine will be a follow-up model of India’s kalwari class, and the development of six submarines will be completed in 2022.