US media: F-35 killer S-500 air defense missile system comes out next year

According to the report entitled “S-500 air defense missile system – Russian F-35 fighter killer coming out next year” published on the bimonthly website of the US national interest on November 30, the S-400 “triumphal” missile system made by Russia is considered to be one of the best all-round strategic surface to air missile systems that have been put into operation at present. The platform is designed to defend against air attack in the environment of radio interference. The defense targets include cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles and medium and long-range missiles. In addition, it can also be used to attack ground facilities. < / P > < p > it is reported that the S-400 missile system came into service in 2007, but the Russian military has begun to develop the S-500 “Prometheus” missile system that will eventually replace it. Russia will complete the development of this advanced air defense missile system next year, TASS reported. In an interview with the Ministry of Defense’s red star, commander in chief Andre Eugene said: “it should be emphasized that the research and development of the S-500 mobile air defense and anti ballistic missile system is expected to be completed in 2021.” < / P > < p > earlier this year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said at the “army-2020” International Defense Exhibition on the outskirts of Moscow that the S-500 missile system has been in the state test stage, and the procurement of parts is also in progress, so the missile system will have the conditions for mass production. < / P > < p > it is reported that the first round test of S-500 missile system was carried out last year. During the test firing, the new Russian air defense missile system hit a target 481.2km away, with a range more than that of any active missile system. It is reported that the S-500 missile system can detect and simultaneously attack up to 10 ballistic missile warheads flying at more than 4 miles per second. In addition, the anti missile platform can also use a variety of radars with unique performance to detect different targets – the missile system can be equipped with a variety of radars to simultaneously detect targets such as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and missiles. It is expected that the S-500 missile system will use 1n6a operational management radar, improved 96l6 TSP search radar, new 76t6 multi-mode engagement radar and 77t6 anti missile engagement radar. It is generally expected that the maximum operational range of the S-500 missile system is 600 km, and the system response time is 3 seconds to 4 seconds. In view of this, the system will be about 6 seconds faster than the S-400 missile system. Diamond Antai, its manufacturer, even said that the S-500 missile system could strike LEO satellites and some types of spacecraft in near space. Some people even say that the S-500 missile system may be a “trump card” to deal with F-35 and other stealth fighters. However, as for how many S-500 missile systems Russia can produce in the next 10 years, the relevant information has not been disclosed. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu previously said that the latest S-500 surface to air missile system will be delivered to the army this year, and it is expected to achieve continuous delivery in 2025. Since 2017, Russia has been training professionals to operate the new system at the Space Forces Academy in Tver. < / P > < p > the report noted that Russia does not seem to follow the above schedule, and the Russian military is still deploying S-400 missile system to the troops. Russia’s defense ministry announced in September that two air defense regiments under Russia’s eastern military region will be equipped with “triumphal” platforms.