US media: after the riots on Capitol Hill, Congressman Cruz was asked to resign

According to Newsweek’s website on January 18, a number of newspapers in Texas called on Ted Cruz, a state senator who had challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election, to resign. < / P > < p > reports that the El Paso Times has become the latest Texas newspaper to ask Cruz to resign as a senator. The newspaper published an editorial on Saturday saying that Cruz must be “responsible” for what he did before the riots on Capitol Hill, and his doubts about the election results led to the “riots” on Capitol Hill. In an editorial published on January 8, the Houston Chronicle called on Cruz to “free Texas from the humiliation of calling you a senator.”. “San Antonio News Express” wrote in an editorial on January 7 that Cruz should be “expelled” from the Senate and held responsible for his actions to undermine the results of the presidential election. < / P > < p > reported that it was not only the Texas media that condemned Cruz’s actions. When Cruz ran for president in 2016, his campaign director, Chad sweet, also called for “condemnation” of his old friends’ opposition to the election results. < / P > < p > according to today’s Russian TV station, students at Harvard University are petitioning for the revocation of Cruz’s degree at the University, saying that Cruz supports the idea of election fraud, which has helped create a “white supremacist uprising” in Congress.