US media: after the resumption of classes in the United States, more than 1500 students and staff were quarantined for the new crown

On August 14, CBS reported that more than 1500 students and staff from seven states and nine districts in the United States were quarantined for confirmed cases after the reopening of schools in the United States. < / P > < p > it is reported that 35 confirmed cases have been detected in a school in Georgia, USA, which had to be closed due to the need for virus elimination. But the school will be reopened on the 17th. < / P > < p > however, under the epidemic situation, some parents are worried that schools will not open. Some parents who want their children back to school are protesting outside Pittsburgh. Hillary Lowe, a mother, said: “my son has hardly talked to other children since March. It’s very hard. ” At the same time, on the 13th alone, 1500 new coronavirus deaths occurred in the United States. But when fudge, America’s chief infectious disease expert, was asked if the number of confirmed cases or deaths in the United States was close to the peak, he was not optimistic. He said he was not satisfied with the progress of things. Redfield, director of the

Center for Disease Control and prevention, warned that if people do not follow COVID-19’s safety guidelines, the coming flu season may make things worse. “It’s probably the worst autumn we’ve ever had from a public health perspective,” he said