US chief of naval operations: more than 190 out of 296 ships have new coronavirus!

novel coronavirus pneumonia has been refused to reveal the specific circumstances of the new crown pneumonia cases. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported by more than 190 admiral Mike Girdi, the US Navy’s supreme commander and Admiral admiral general. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported by US Navy operations minister Mike Girdi, who sent a letter to the US Navy Fleet late last month, according to the US Navy times October 10th, according to

. If the scope of this figure is limited to the 296 ships currently deployed by the Navy, it will mean that nearly 65% of the U.S. naval vessels have experienced varying degrees of epidemic. < / P > < p > but the relevant U.S. Navy officials did not immediately confirm this. It is not clear which ships have had the outbreak, and how serious it is. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are reported to be released by the Navy from the beginning of this spring, according to the The Pentagon regulations. Emily Wilkin, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy, told the Navy times this week that the 190 ships included ships at sea and at sea and in ports. “So far, we have not had a massive outbreak like that on the carrier Roosevelt and the destroyer Kidd,” she said in an email The “Roosevelt” carrier suffered an outbreak of the virus this spring, and eventually about a quarter of its crew were infected, and the carrier was forced to dock in Guam; the outbreak on the destroyer Kidd caused at least 78 infections. The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak on the Reagan aircraft carrier was effectively controlled earlier this year,

Wilkin said. Several new sailors who had been tested positive by the new crown virus left the carrier, and the aircraft carrier continued to operate, and no new cases were reported. As of September 30, 10585 people in the U.S. Navy had been infected with the new coronavirus, according to the report. Admiral Mike gildy, the chief of naval operations, tested negative for the new coronavirus, officials said on October 9. But gildy and other members of the Joint Chiefs of staff continued to isolate themselves after the deputy commander of the U.S. Coast Guard tested positive for coronary heart disease not long ago. About 35% of the crew members infected with the virus showed little or no symptoms, and “detection is the best way to detect asymptomatic infections,” gildy wrote in an email. At the same time, he warned: “testing resources are already tight and may become more intense during the flu season.” He also mentioned that three departments traced the infection to the ship because of “eating in a public restaurant.”. On the other hand, U.S. Navy spokesman Wilkin declined to disclose that the source of the outbreak was from restaurants, citing the Pentagon’s confidentiality requirements.