US base in Afghanistan attacked by rocket

A spokesman for the governor of Parwan province said on the 19th that the rocket launcher on a car was equipped with 12 rockets, five of which were launched at about 6 am that day and hit the US military base. Police later found the car and defused the fuses of the other seven rockets. No civilians were killed in the attack. < / P > < p > an official of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization confirmed to the media: “a number of rockets were fired at Bagram Air Force base this morning, and the preliminary report showed that there were no casualties and no damage to the base.” < / P > < p > this large US military base in Afghanistan was attacked by five rockets in April this year, with no casualties. The Islamic state, an extremist group, declared the attack at the time. “Islamic state” recently “claimed” Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, in a number of attacks, two of which occurred in the University of Kabul and a private education center, killing nearly 50 people. Micro feature