Under the epidemic situation, the Japanese government still insists on implementing tourism stimulation activities

Tokyo, August 6, according to Japanese media sources, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei said at the meeting on the 6th of local time that the current “go to travel” activity is well utilized, and the capital of the land and Communications Ministry will inspect the participating hotels and other facilities for epidemic prevention measures at any time, calling for continued utilization. < / P > < p > in order to stimulate domestic tourism consumption in Japan, the Japanese government officially launched the “go to travel” tourism incentive activity in July, and consumers can get a certain discount. According to the Ministry of land and communications, about 15000 hotels across the country have joined the event, and the reservation situation of consumers is relatively good, Kan said. < p > < p > the Ministry of land and communications launched a spot check on relevant hotels participating in the event on June 6, and the specific results will be announced in the future. For hotels whose epidemic prevention measures are not implemented in place, the government will give guidance. If the improvement of hotels is not up to standard, they will be excluded from the activities. < / P > < p > the main measures required by the government are to measure the temperature of customers, limit the time and number of people in restaurants, disinfect and ventilate guest rooms, and contact the local health department in case of suspected infection. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Fukui County in July 29th, which was confirmed by 6 new cases, and the 6 had travelled to Okinawa county. The hotel was a participant of “Go To Travel”.

With the gradual deterioration of the nationwide epidemic situation, the activity has also been questioned by all parties.