Ukraine crash report released: two missiles hit the plane 25 seconds apart

China news network, August 4, according to Reuters, Iran said on the 23rd that an analysis of the black box of a Ukrainian airliner shot down by a missile on January 8 showed that the two missiles hit the plane 25 seconds apart. After the first missile hit, the passengers on board were still alive. < / P > < p > the statement of President sangani of Iran’s civil aviation organization is the first official report on the contents of cockpit voice and data recorder, which were sent to France in July for interpretation. The Iranian side has said that it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian airliner when its relations with the United States were extremely tense in January, killing all 176 people on board. < p > < p > Iran’s state television quoted sangani as saying that the second missile hit the aircraft 25 seconds after the first missile was launched, but due to the damage caused by the first missile, the recording recorded only 19 seconds of it. < / P > < p > 19 seconds after the first missile hit the aircraft, the pilot’s voice in the cockpit indicated that the passenger was still alive. Sangani said the crew, including two pilots and a flight instructor, were in the cockpit trying to control the plane until the last moment. < / P > < p > the plane was scheduled to fly from Teheran to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, with Iranian, Canadian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Afghan and British passengers on board. Iran has been in dialogue with Ukraine, Canada and other countries, and relevant countries have also demanded a thorough investigation into the incident. Iranian and Ukrainian officials have held talks on compensation for the victims’ families, and a new meeting is scheduled for October.