U.S. plans high level security talks with Japan, Australia and India

Foreign media said that Robert O’Brien, assistant to the US president for national security affairs, said on Friday local time that the United States intends to hold high-level talks with India, Australia and Japan on security partners of the “four Nation Alliance” in September and October. Washington, August 28 (Reuters) – O’Brien said at the Atlantic Council that he may meet with his counterparts from three partner countries in Hawaii in October, while US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will hold talks with foreign ministers of the so-called “four Nation Alliance” in September and October. O’Brien said that the United States has a “huge stake” in the Indian Ocean Pacific region. “It’s really an engine for the world economy to move forward and the United States will play a major role there,” he said. One way to do this is to create a secure and secure Indo Pacific region through our defense and diplomatic partnership with our allies. ” O’Brien once again played up the so-called “free navigation”. “The United States will firmly uphold the principle it has always adhered to, that is, the world’s sea lanes and international waters should be freely navigable, so should space and the right of passage in international airspace,” he said According to the South China Morning Post website on August 29, O’Brien, assistant to the US president for national security affairs, said he would meet with officials of the same level from Japan, India and Australia to strengthen the defense partnership in the region. < / P > < p > “‘The League of four ‘really deserves It’s one of the most exciting diplomatic initiatives “It’s one of the areas most likely to succeed and achieve significant results in the future,” he said. “So I’ll meet with the partners of the alliance of four, probably in Hawaii in October.” < / P > < p > he also said: “I think I will also meet the foreign ministers of those countries in September and October. We firmly support those allies. ” < p > < p > Reuters pointed out that the contacts of the “four countries alliance” will be “revived” in 2017, with the purpose of strengthening security cooperation and working together to find ways to “replace” the regional infrastructure financing scheme provided by China.