U.S. expert: new rules for epidemic information statistics damage data integrity and cause unnecessary burden to hospitals

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

local time August 12th, according to New York Times, 34 public health experts in the United States issued a joint letter in July 31st warning that the Trump Administration ordered hospitals to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, sending all new crown pneumonia patients to the US Department of health, which has caused unnecessary burden to hospitals and will give data to the hospital. Integrity is seriously affected. According to the letter, < / P > < p > CDC established the National Hospital Infection Monitoring System in 1970, and now hospitals are very skilled in submitting data and completing corresponding operations through this system. At present, the implementation of the new regulations makes the hospital “busy every day to determine how to meet the reporting requirements”, which increases the unnecessary burden. They urged “allowing CDC data experts to continue to collect, analyze, and distribute daily reports,” which will help hospitals focus on patients, help governments track outbreaks, and guide important health care decisions, including how to allocate scarce supplies and medicines.