U.S. death toll breaks 160000 curve

new China novel coronavirus pneumonia in August 6th, the cumulative death toll in the United States exceeded 160 thousand in August 6th. After the peak in July, the U.S. epidemic curve shows a downward trend in the near future, but the growth rate of death cases still makes the States dare not take it lightly. The novel coronavirus pneumonia infection rate in the United States reached 4 million 882 thousand at 6 hours and 22 deaths as of 22 days, according to

data from Johns Hopkins University. Among them, 540000 were diagnosed in California, 510000 in Florida, 483000 in Texas and 418000 in New York. The average number of new cases in the United States has dropped from 66000 in the peak period to 56000 today, according to CDC data. Health experts pointed out that the current situation in California, Florida and Texas is slowing down, but the death toll is rising and will continue to rise in the next week or two. At the same time, negotiations between the White House and Congress over a new round of stimulus have yet to make progress. One of the big differences between the two sides is whether to continue to provide unemployment benefits of $600 a week. The associated press reports that members of Congress may have enough time to reach an agreement this week, vote next week, and then implement the stimulus package within weeks. “But some families don’t have that luxury – they won’t have money tomorrow.”