Two years later, he finally realized his “Jingwu dream”

Nanjing in winter, continuous rain, wind howling, the sky filled with a gray atmosphere. In a field training ground, smoke of gunpowder is everywhere, and a shooting competition is in progress. < p > < p > “bang bang”, after shooting the last bullet, Li Yuan closed the safety of his rifle, stood up with tears in his eyes, and kissed his rifle again. Dragging his tired body and looking at the falling target, he finally realized his “Jingwu dream”. < / P > < p > Li Yuan is a student from the ordnance Sergeant School of the Army Engineering University. He is participating in the “jingwu-2020 military project competition” of the Army Engineering University. In this competition, his team won the second place in the “strike target” project of the military competition. < / P > < p > since the founding of “Jingwu Cup” in 2007, the Army University of engineering has been holding this competition in line with the principle of learning by war and promoting training by competition. Therefore, this is the latest time Li Yuan has been away from “Jingwu dream”. It was in 2018 that Li Yuan planted the seeds of “Jingwu” for the first time. At that time, he was a soldier in a brigade of the 83rd group army, but due to other tasks, he missed Jingwu. In 2019, he once again embarked on the road of excellent martial arts. After nearly half a year of training, due to too many martial arts tasks, he once again regretted his exit, and half a year’s efforts were wasted. < / P > < p > the time has come to 2020. Due to the impact of the “new crown” epidemic, he returned to school late. After receiving the task of preparing for Jingwu in October, Li Yuan launched the third challenge aiming at the “Jingwu Cup”. Through five layers of selection, he finally stood out and became a monitor of the ordnance Sergeant School of Lutu. < / P > < p > under the careful leadership of GUI Yuxiao, the competition coach group of ordnance Sergeant school, he and 21 comrades in arms formally started the training journey, organized training scientifically and improved steadily. In less than half a month of training time, he has a lot of training tasks every day. After every target training, his chest is always black and blue. < / P > < p > after the official start of the competition, in just one day, he successively participated in the target search, armed cross-country, battlefield first aid, overcoming obstacles and other projects. In the rainy winter, he carried a heavy load and marched for tens of kilometers on foot on the muddy mountain. < / P > < p > after arriving at the target assessment site, Li Yuan led the ten brothers in the competition class to crawl through the muddy low pile net. After nearly ten hours of continuous fighting, when he came to the shooting range, he and his team members were exhausted, and their bodies were stiff with cold. Only his eyes were still turning, always paying attention to the “enemy situation” around him. < / P > < p > however, due to too many muddy roads on the March, Li Yuan put on a thick “soil coat” and was completely wrapped in the soil. In a hurry, he poured out the boiling water he carried, washed the soil and used hot water to restore his finger’s awareness. Finally, he blew hard with his mouth and licked the soil with his tongue at the target of the gun Clean up. < / P > < p > raise your gun, aim and shoot at one go. In the end, his class got a good score of 84 points, only one point behind the first place. In less than half a month of training time, he was very pleased to get such a score. His ordnance Sergeant school won the excellent organization award, and he finally realized his “Jingwu dream”.