Two people died and four wounded in an attack by Islamic state fighters in Eastern Iraq

Bagdad, August 7, Iraqi police said on the 7th that armed elements of the extremist organization “Islamic state” made an attack on the 6th in Diyala province in the eastern part of the country, resulting in two deaths and four injuries. Alla Saadi, a police official in Diyala province, told Al Saadi that “Islamic state” armed elements attacked a military base northeast of Baquba, the capital of the province, on the evening of 6, killing two soldiers and injuring four soldiers. The casualties of “Islamic state” armed elements are not known. In December 2017, Iraq announced a historic victory against the Islamic state, but there are still residual forces waiting for the opportunity to launch attacks in Iraq. Recently, the “Islamic state” residual forces have frequently made attacks in many places in Iraq, and the Iraqi security forces have also strengthened their efforts to eliminate them.