Two models of six body colors BMW ix3 partial configuration exposure

A few days ago, we obtained a set of configuration information of BMW ix3 from relevant channels. The new car has launched two models, the leading model and the innovative leader model. The power of the two models is consistent, but there are differences in configuration. < / P > < p > the new car was officially put into pre-sale on September 13, with the pre-sale prices of the two models at 470000 yuan and 510000 yuan respectively. In terms of configuration, ix3 series is equipped with multi-functional sports leather steering wheel, front seat heating, three temperature zone automatic air conditioning, induction atmosphere lamp, 12.3 inch full LCD instrument, 10.25 inch central control LCD screen, etc. In terms of body color, ix3 offers six color options including carbon black, mineral white, quantum blue, cashmere silver, Fuyu red and mysterious grey. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration differentiation, compared with the leading model, the innovative collar model has more full-color head up display system (optional price of 10000 yuan), BMW dash cam, sound wave simulation of BMW electric vehicle, wireless charging of mobile phone, WiFi hotspot, keyless entry, electric lumbar support of front seat (optional price of 2000 yuan), gesture control (optional price of 4000 yuan), and Haman carton sound. At the same time, the innovative collar type is equipped with 20 inch wheels, and the leading type is equipped with 19 inch wheels. In terms of power, the maximum power of BMW ix3 motor is 210 kW, the maximum torque is 400 nm, and the acceleration time is 6.8 seconds. In terms of batteries, the battery pack of BMW IX consists of 188 cells. The new car uses 811 nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium-ion batteries. The total capacity of the battery pack is about 80kwh and the net capacity is 74kwh. The energy density of the battery pack system is up to 154wh / kg, and the driving range is up to 500km.