Two hurricanes landed in the United States one after another

On August 23 local time, the U.S. National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning. This week, two tropical hurricanes will hit the Gulf Coast in succession, making public health security of the states face more severe challenges. Southern states such as Louisiana and Texas are facing a new round of threats as they try to control the outbreak after a surge in infection in the early summer. Two hurricanes named Mark and Laura are expected to land on the coast of Louisiana and eastern Texas on Monday and Wednesday, respectively, according to the National Hurricane Center. Louisiana could face one or two extreme weather attacks. While actively preparing for the hurricane threat, the U.S. states that may be affected by hurricanes are also facing the risk that a large number of people gather in shelters, which may aggravate the new epidemic situation which is not optimistic. According to CBS, tropical storm mark upgraded to a hurricane on the morning of August 23 local time and arrived in Louisiana at noon on the 24th and is expected to make landfall. Tropical storm “Laura” is predicted to enter the southern coast of Cuba during the day, then enter the Gulf of Mexico, and then extend toward the southern coast of the United States. It is expected to become a hurricane or even a strong hurricane later this week. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the sustained wind speed at mark fell to 70 mph on Sunday night. The center warned that hurricane mark could still cause life-threatening storm surges and strong winds along the Gulf Coast. < p > < p > despite the weakening of mark, storm surge warnings from Morgan City, Louisiana to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, still exist. Tropical storm warning areas include Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana and New Orleans. Storm surges of up to four feet are expected along the coast of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. < / P > < p > the subsequent landing “Laura” is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico early Tuesday morning and intensify there. According to the weather forecast, it is likely to reach the Louisiana coast on Wednesday night. According to the NHC, “Lara” is likely to experience a short period of rapid strengthening, which means that its wind speed will increase by at least 35 mph in 24 hours. < / P > < p > “Houston and Galveston are still very dangerous tropical storm landfall areas. In addition, affected by Laura, it is likely that there will be 10-15mm rainfall in a short time somewhere in the south of Corpus Christi, Texas CBS News Weather producer David Parkinson said. < p > < p > the three states most threatened by hurricanes – Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi – are still facing severe new epidemic situations. The landfall of hurricanes “mark” and “Laura” brought great challenges to state officials and local residents as the epidemic situation has not been well controlled. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in tropical states along the tropical cyclone is increasing dramatically, according to the Washington Post, which has been traced by the Washington Post. Louisiana’s infection rate peaked at more than 3000 a day in late July and early August, although the state’s seven day average of new confirmed cases in a single day fell 29% in the past week. But officials warned that if people give up strict protection because of the storm shelter, the epidemic is likely to rebound. The number of cases in Mississippi also surged last month, falling in the first half of August and rising again. Texas is still one of the hardest hit areas on the U.S. epidemic map. < / P > < p > Louisiana officials urged residents to prepare masks, disinfectants and other protective equipment in emergency kits and to live only with immediate family members if possible. “In addition to the threat of two tropical hurricanes, Louisiana has to deal with the covid-19 pandemic, and the new coronavirus will not be reduced by tropical weather,” said government official John Bell Edwards According to CNN, US President trump approved an emergency application from Louisiana on August 23, ordering the federal government to provide assistance to coordinate relief efforts. Texas governor Greg Abbott has called for a federal disaster statement in 23 counties of the state. Texas governor Greg Abbott told reporters in a state disaster statement that Texas military departments are preparing to set up mobile coronavirus detection teams, shelter teams and disinfection teams. Referring to patients affected by the new coronavirus, he said: “we are trying to resettle some people who need to go to shelters, and we must pay great attention to preventing the spread of covid-19.” Mississippi governor Tate Reeves said at the news conference of the hurricane emergency statement that Mississippi will open emergency shelters, so it is necessary to deal with the two hurricanes, but he called on citizens to first choose their own places of refuge to prevent the re emergence of the epidemic situation In the state of the outbreak, the capacity to accommodate will be limited. He urged people to look for non-public places when evacuation is needed. “If the hurricane intensifies on Sunday or Monday, the most important thing we need to avoid is a huge influx of people into shelters,” Reeves said