Turkish Ministry of Defense: Turkish navy to train in the eastern Mediterranean

On the evening of August 24 local time, Turkey’s Ministry of Defense announced on its social account that the naval vessels of Turkey and its allies would conduct maritime training in the eastern Mediterranean on August 25, 2020, in order to promote coordination and interoperability between them. The statement did not specify which country the Allies were. Earlier in the same day, Greece announced that its navy and air force would conduct live ammunition military exercises in the southeast of Crete from the 25th to the 27th, and the relevant area is the seismic exploration area of the Turkish scientific research ship oruchi rez. Several media reports in Turkey believe that the maritime military training activity released by Turkish Ministry of defense overnight is a response to the Greek military exercise. Before that, Turkey announced that it would extend its seismic exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean Sea to 27th and send several warships to escort it. The related exploration activities have always been regarded as a part of oil and gas exploration work. On August 6 local time, Greece and Egypt signed an agreement on the maritime boundary between the two countries in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which aroused dissatisfaction from Turkey. Turkey believed that the maritime exclusive economic zone stipulated in the agreement violated Turkey’s rights and interests. Subsequently, Turkey announced that it would resume the exploration activities of the scientific research ship aurucci rez in the eastern Mediterranean region. The Greek military said that it was on high alert to monitor the movements of the relevant ships. For many years, Turkey and Greece and other Mediterranean coastal countries have had differences on the scope of territorial sea and exclusive Maritime Economic Zone, and since the discovery of abundant natural gas resources in many areas of the eastern Mediterranean, there have been disputes among relevant countries over oil and gas exploitation. Under the current tense situation, the warships of Turkey and Greece are conducting military training at the same time, which has attracted great attention from the outside world.