Turkish interior minister: extremist group leaders in Turkey arrested

On September 1 local time, Turkish interior minister suoylu said on social media that the leader of extremist groups in Turkey was arrested in an important operation. On the same day, soilu revealed more details to reporters when inspecting the flood in the northern province of giresson. He said that the arrested leader, Mahmoud ezdan, was arrested by Turkish police in Adana Province in southern Turkey. In addition, Turkish police have arrested several other people associated with extremist groups. < / P > < p > according to Turkish media reports, ozdan, 48, recruits members for extremist groups and gets $7000 for each person recruited. Last week, Turkey said it had foiled a plot by an extremist group to create an attack in Istanbul and arrested suspects. The suspect is said to have received instructions from ezdan. In 2017, ozdan was arrested by Turkish police for recruitment and then released.