Turkish government announces police arrest of Islamic state’s top commander in Turkey

[global network reporter Ma Yan] according to the BBC report on September 1, the Turkish government announced on the same day that its police arrested the top commander of the Islamic state in the country. < p > < p > the Turkish interior minister Suleiman soiru said the leader, named Mahmut ozden, had “important plans” and received orders to carry out the attack. He was arrested in Adana Province, and operations against other Islamic state members continue. < / P > < p > he said that ozden was the “Emir” of the Islamic state in Turkey, and he had planned to carry out attacks with 10 to 12 people. < / P > < p > Turkish police have carried out several raids on the Islamic state. In July, 27 people who tried to launch an attack in Istanbul were arrested. < / P > < p > “Islamic state” has previously claimed responsibility for a number of attacks in Turkey, including a shooting at a nightclub in Istanbul in 2017, which killed 39 people.