Turkish defense minister condemns US sanctions against Turkey

Ankara December 15 Turkish defense minister akar condemned the US decision to impose sanctions on Turkey on December 15, stressing that Turkey will firmly safeguard national defense and security. Turkey condemns this decision, which is not in line with NATO alliance relations and the current military and political reality, and will continue to firmly safeguard its national defense and security. < p > < p > Ismail demir, director of Turkey’s Defense Industry Bureau, said that Turkey is determined to have an independent defense industry, which will continue to develop. On the 14th, the US government announced sanctions against Turkey on the ground of its purchase of Russian made S-400 air defense system. The specific measures include banning the issuance of export licenses and authorizations of us products and technologies to the Turkish Defense Industry Bureau, freezing property and restricting visa for several officials, such as demir, the director of the Bureau.