Turkey plans to launch naval exercises

According to Reuters, Turkey’s move may further intensify tensions between Turkey and Greece and Cyprus triggered by disputes over the development of oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Turkey issued a maritime navigation notice on the evening of 28, saying that Turkey would hold a “shooting drill” in the northwest waters of Cyprus from August 29 to September 11. Greece and Egypt signed a maritime boundary agreement on June 6, announcing the establishment of a maritime exclusive economic zone. Turkey is strongly dissatisfied with this, believing that the area involved in the agreement lies within the Turkish continental shelf. Turkey again sent a scientific research ship to explore the disputed sea area under the escort of a number of naval vessels on October 10. Greece objected. Both sides then conducted military exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Turkey’s defense ministry said on the 28th that the Turkish air force F-16 fighters prevented six Greek F-16s from flying into a Turkish airspace where a security warning was issued. < / P > < p > Greece and Cyprus are members of the EU, and Turkey has been trying to join the EU. The EU believes that earthwork exploration “aggravates the tension and uneasiness in the eastern Mediterranean”, requires earthwork to stop exploration, and has already sanctioned some enterprises involved in exploration. In response to Turkey’s continued oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the European Union’s high representative for foreign and security policy, Josep Borelli, said on the 28th that the European Union is ready to discuss a new round of sanctions against Turkey at the summit to be held at the end of September. Micro special manuscript