Turkey plans to extend the stay of Turkish army in Libya

Ankara on December 12, Turkey submitted a bill to the Grand National Assembly, planning to extend the period of Turkish troops stationed in Libya for 18 months. < / P > < p > according to Turkey’s Anadolu news agency, the Bill said that the current situation in Libya brings risks to Turkey and the whole region, and that the Turkish army’s existence is to avoid the recurrence of attacks by the Libyan national army, which will seriously affect Turkey’s interests in the Mediterranean and North Africa. According to the motion, Turkey will continue to provide military training and advisory support to Libya in accordance with the memorandum of understanding on security and military cooperation signed with the government of national unity of Libya. Turkey’s grand national assembly plans to consider the bill after the budget review, which is scheduled to be discussed on the 18th of this month. On January 2 this year, the Turkish parliament voted to pass the bill of sending troops to Libya. According to the bill, the deployment period of the Turkish army in Libya is one year.