Trump’s son-in-law: Arab countries will reconcile with Israel in a few months

After the historic reconciliation between the UAE and Israel, Trump’s son-in-law Kushner, who recently engaged in diplomacy in the Middle East, hinted that other Arab countries would soon do the same. < p > < p > according to Reuters local time on September 1, in an interview with UAE news agency, White House adviser Kushner was asked when the next Arab country will normalize relations with Israel. He responded: “let’s look forward to the news in these months.” According to the report, his words indicate that Arab countries may follow the example of the United Arab Emirates and reconcile with Israel in the next few months. It is reported that Kushner has visited Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, met with the king of Bahrain and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and is expected to fly to Qatar for a visit. It is worth mentioning that the headquarters of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy is located in Bahrain. In the meeting with Kushner, the king of Bahrain praised the UAE’s “role in defending the interests of the Arab and Islamic world”; the crown prince of Saudi Arabia discussed with Kushner the need for Palestine and Israel to resume negotiations and reach a lasting peace, according to the reports of the state news agency of Bahrain and Saudi news agency. < / P > < p > at present, except for the United Arab Emirates, no other Arab countries are willing to normalize their relations with Israel. However, when the US and Israeli delegation visited the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia opened its airspace to Israel’s special plane and allowed it to pass through. This is also the first time in history. Reported that the current other Arab countries still insist on Israel’s return of Palestinian territory. On August 13, the UAE, the United States and Israel issued a joint statement, saying that the UAE and Israel will reach a settlement and normalize bilateral relations. On August 31, the U.S. and Israeli delegation flew directly to the United Arab Emirates for the first time in history on an Israeli commercial plane for an official visit. The UAE and Israel held talks and set up a joint committee to cooperate in the financial field. < / P > < p > in addition, Kushner also met with senior UAE military officials at Abu Dhabi air force base. Previously, the trump administration proposed the idea of selling F-35 fighters to the United Arab Emirates, but Israel strongly opposed the plan. < / P > < p > Palestine denounced the UAE’s move as a violation of the long-standing position of Arab countries. Palestinian Hamas forces in the Gaza strip also issued a statement accusing the UAE of “betraying the Palestinian people.”. However, the UAE said that Israel has agreed to stop annexing land in the West Bank, which is a “major concession”. Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khamenei delivered a fierce speech on September 1, criticizing the United Arab Emirates for “betraying Palestine and other Islamic countries” and “forever humiliating” for it. Khamenei also specifically mentioned Kushner’s Jewish status, accusing the UAE of cooperating with Israel and “Jewish members of the trump family” to “harm the interests of the Islamic world”. During this visit, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have made some progress in economic cooperation. According to the report, the investment departments of the two countries have issued a joint statement and agreed to formulate a formal cooperation plan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said publicly that representatives of the two countries have signed a financial services cooperation agreement.