Trump’s faithful ally, evangelical leaders and his wife’s sudden scandal

Chen Sijia: on the occasion of the National Congress of the Republican Party of the United States, a pair of loyal allies of trump suddenly broke out a sex scandal, which was sent to the forefront of public opinion. According to Reuters on August 24, a business partner of American Evangelical leader Jerry fawel Jr. exposed a sexual scandal between them on the 23rd. Giancarlo Grande, 29, has a long-term business relationship with the favels. Glenda told Reuters that he had been having sex with his wife, Becky favelle, from 2012 to 2018, and that he knew it well. < p > < p > Glenda presented evidence such as e-mail, text messages, chat records and audio to Reuters. He said he met Becky in March 2012, and soon the two developed a “intimate relationship” and had frequent sexual intercourse in the following six years. He also claimed that Jerry himself liked to watch their sex in person or through a camera. < / P > < p > according to reports, Becky and Glenda have had a very close relationship since 2012, and Becky has sent several “flirting” messages. According to the record, Becky had a video conversation with Glenda naked about their extramarital relationship, while Jerry was peeping. < / P > < p > but after 2018, the relationship between Glenda and the favels began to break down. According to the news record in June this year, Granda sent an “ultimatum” to Jerry, threatening to “die together” if there is no “peaceful settlement”. Jerry replied that he would “not accept blackmail” and asked Granda to stop contacting them. Jerry issued a statement through the Washington observer on the evening of 23, saying that his wife did have an extramarital affair with Glenda, but he did not participate in the affair, and Glenda had been extorting money from the couple. But Glenda denied Jerry’s charges, saying his “consultation” with the couple was based on a business agreement between the two sides. According to Reuters, there is indeed a business relationship between Glenda and the favelles. In 2013, they teamed up to buy a hotel in Miami and made Granda the hotel manager. The company still has a stake in the company, Reuters said. < p > < p > now 58 years old, Jerry favel, a leader of evangelical Christian in the United States and one of Trump’s main supporters, is also the president and director of the Christian School of Liberty University. However, he applied for an unlimited leave in early August. The school’s regulations explicitly prohibit all extramarital sex that is not recognized by the Bible. His wife, Becky farwell, 53, is also a politician and a member of the Advisory Board of the “trump women supporters” group. After the scandal came to light, some American media said that Jerry announced his resignation from his job at Liberty University, but Jerry himself denied this statement through “politician” news network. He stressed that he did not resign, but did not comment on the relevant reports. A spokesman for Liberty University said he was unable to disclose any information at the moment and could only respond after receiving a formal statement from the board of directors. However, before the exposure of the scandal, the University of liberty said on the 23rd that they were considering whether to let favel continue to serve as president. < / P > < p > just a few days ago, favel had just been criticized for a controversial photo. He posted a photo on social media about favel, a pants zipper undone, holding a woman in her pants in her arms. Favel defended the photo as “a joke.”. < p > < p > the evangelical faction led by favel is one of Trump’s iron vote warehouses. In the 2016 general election, 81% of evangelicals voted for trump, helping him win key states such as Florida and Michigan. According to a poll released on August 4 by the American Institute of public religion, 56% of white evangelicals still support trump. < p > < p > in the 2016 election, favel was one of the first evangelical giants to support trump. He has said that his support for trump is based on his business experience and leadership. According to the analysis of Reuters, if favel does step down and give up his post because of the scandal, it will be a heavy blow to the man who has strong energy among the Conservatives.