Trump wants to launch the vaccine before the election? Fudge: hasty launch has risks

On August 25, fudge, the top infectious disease expert of the United States, told Reuters on August 25 that any authorization and distribution of the new crown vaccine is not a good idea until large-scale trials of the new vaccine are proved to be safe and effective, which may have a negative impact on the research and development of other vaccines. According to several US media sources, White House officials raised the possibility of early authorization of vaccine use before the end of later trials. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is approved by the Trump administration on 23 July. Although some senior health officials are concerned that the data available in clinical trials are too weak to support the widespread use of this therapy, plasma therapy is urgently needed. Trump also asked the FDA director, Dr. Stephen Hahn, to speed up the testing of the new coronavirus vaccine on the 22nd, saying that someone in the FDA has deliberately delayed the trial of the vaccine, which may not be available until after the US election. In an interview with British media, Fudge declined to comment on Trump’s statement, but said that although there was an urgent need for a vaccine, there was a greater risk of hastily launching the vaccine. “One thing you don’t want to see is to get an EUA before the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine has been confirmed. There is a potential danger that early delivery of vaccines will make it difficult or even impossible to test other vaccines < p > < p > it is reported that recently, large-scale clinical trials targeting major vaccine candidates have been launched by biotechnology companies Modena, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, which will recruit tens of thousands of volunteers. Johnson & Johnson also said last week that it hopes to have 60000 volunteers participate in the phase III vaccine trial. A safe and effective vaccine is considered to be the key to ending the pandemic. Fudge believes that FDA’s guidance on vaccines includes full approval and EUA, and that EUA is appropriate only after studies have proved its safety and effectiveness. “It’s absolutely important for me to clearly prove that vaccines are safe and effective. We hope that nothing will prevent the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine being fully demonstrated. ”