Trump team network security service company: campaign website will be more attacked

Cloudflare, an Internet security company that works for us president trump, said that hackers are stepping up attacks on Trump’s campaign websites and commercial websites, and are likely to launch more large-scale attacks. Cloudflare, an American network security company, is mainly used by enterprises and other organizations to help resist distributed denial of service attacks, which aim to paralyze websites by injecting a large amount of malicious traffic. At present, cloudflare is mainly responsible for helping trump block hackers and false information in his campaign. According to an e-mail received by Reuters on the 1st, cloudflare’s evaluation report to CEO Matthew Prince and other senior officials said that the number and severity of attacks on Trump’s website had increased in the previous two months and reached the highest level ever in June. The evaluation report also said that with the approaching of the general election, the number and tactics of attacks are increasing. < / P > < p > in response, a campaign spokeswoman told Reuters that Trump’s website was not affected, nor did she further answer questions about the attack and cooperation with cloudflare. < / P > < p > and cloudflare said that it is indeed providing security services for trump, and issued a statement saying: “we see an increase in cyber attacks against political candidates. We will continue to work to ensure that these attacks do not undermine free and fair elections. ” But the company did not comment on the identity of the hacker and declined to answer questions about the nature and details of the job.