Trump: some members of Congress leaked the secrets of the information briefing on the general election

Russian satellite news agency reported on August 30 that US President trump accused Congressmen of leaking confidential information at the intelligence briefing and distorting its contents. On August 29, the media reported that due to the leakage of confidential data in previous meetings, the office of the director of national intelligence of the United States decided not to hold an intelligence briefing on ensuring the security of the presidential election for the Congressional intelligence committee. This has provoked anger in Congress, who have threatened to force us intelligence to provide the necessary information. “John retcliffe, director of national intelligence, provided information to the House Intelligence Committee and it was leaked,” trump said at a meeting in Texas. This may be “slippery Schiff” or someone else, who divulges information, and worst of all, they divulge untrue information. ” < / P > < p > trump added: “he’s tired. He wants to provide different forms of information because there are “informants” in the Committee. They are obviously doing bad things, which may be illegal. We will look at this issue separately We will not let the informant divulge information. ”