Trump shelled the “left wing” to stir up violence and announced that he would visit the scene in person

Recently, violent conflicts occurred frequently in the “black people’s life is also life” protests and demonstrations across the United States. On August 25, a 17-year-old boy in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was accused of shooting two people and injuring another. On the 29th, a shooting incident reappeared during a protest in Portland, Oregon, in which a suspected supporter of current president trump was shot dead. < / P > < p > this series of events shows that the trend of violence in recent demonstrations in the United States has become more and more intense. In response, trump announced that he would visit the city of kinosha on September 1, and asked the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of justice to conduct a joint investigation. However, several Wisconsin officials admitted that Trump’s arrival was “inappropriate” and would only fuel the already grim situation. As for the local people, there are both those who oppose Trump’s visit and those who hope Trump’s visit will help stabilize the situation. < p > < p > ABC reported on September 1 that Kenosha police chief David bass pointed out that since the outbreak of the wave of protests and demonstrations, 200 people have been arrested, and more than half of them are from places outside Kenosha. < / P > < p > bass stressed that most people were arrested for violating the curfew, while others were arrested for burglary, illegal possession of drugs and unauthorized possession of weapons. Kinosha police said that more than 20 illegal weapons have been seized. < / P > < p > Bess also pointed out that there are many “demagogues outside kinosha” who use social media or call local businesses and churches to intimidate and spread rumors. “What I want the residents of kinosha to know is that there are huge resources here to protect your safety.” Said Beth. < / P > < p > according to the guardian on August 31, in Portland, another city where fatal shooting took place, local police said on August 30 that many protestors were arrested while participating in the protest, including two with pistols, another with sharp knives and at least one with retractable sticks. Portland police pointed out that many of the protestors were “fully armed” – helmets, gas masks, goggles and even armor, and others were armed with shields. In addition, some protestors threw eggs and stones at police officers and police cars. < / P > < p > when it comes to the fatal shooting incident in Portland on the 29th, local police said that on the evening of the 29th, about 600 convertible cars carrying trump supporters drove into downtown Portland with election flags such as “trump 2020” on them. They honked their horns through the lost area and fired water guns and paintball guns at the protestors participating in the BLM protest, while the protestors threw miscellaneous weapons at the people on the cars Things. Later, some of the conflicts turned into street fights. About 15 minutes after the team left, a supporter of the right-wing group prayer for the motherland, which is said to be based in Portland and supports trump, was shot dead. In response to the violence, the Associated Press reported on August 31 that trump announced at the White House news conference that the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of justice would launch a joint operation to investigate “violent civil strife initiated by leftists”. Trump claims that in Portland alone, the federal government has arrested about 100 “rioters.”. < / P > < p > trump warned that he would implement the policy of “cracking down on crime” and limit the violent actions of the protestors in American cities, “in the United States, we will never give in to the rule of the mob. Because if the mob rules everything, democracy will die. ” Trump said. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that trump bombarded “leftists” in his speech. Biden talked too much about the right wing, but he never talked about the left wing. However, the left wing is the problem. He has been criticizing the police, but never the rioters, the anarchists, the marauders, or even the people who incite tension. ” Trump pointed out on twitter that by “leftists” he meant “radical leftists” in Inner Mongolia, such as supporters of Senator Sanders of Vermont. At the same time, trump also plans to visit kinosha in person. Trump said on August 31 that he would visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, on September 1, ABC reported. The White House called the visit a “solidarity visit.”. < / P > < p > however, Mayor John antalamian of kinosha and governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin both said frankly that Trump’s visit was “out of date”. Evers pointed out that he wrote to trump on August 30, persuading him to cancel the visit. “Your arrival will only delay our efforts to bridge our differences and move forward together.” Antalamian said on the 31st that trump is “not at the right time”. He believes that what Kenosha needs now is to restore peace and heal wounds. According to ABC report, some residents of kinosha are also worried that Trump’s visit may rekindle public sentiment after the tide of protests has subsided, which will lead to more violence and destruction. David Sanchez, a 66 year old retired citizen, admitted that he felt that “trump is not here to bridge differences, but to create more trouble.” Sanchez expected thousands of people to protest on the day of Trump’s visit. Diana clay, 60, believes that trump is taking advantage of the conflict. His visit is to pave the way for the election. “I don’t like all this being politicized.” < / P > < p > however, not all kinosha residents are against Trump’s visit. Oscar escoba, 41, runs a relocation company and partners in bars and barbecues. He said frankly that although he had no feelings for the Republican Party, he felt that Trump’s visit might help improve the situation in kinosha. “I hope trump can calm us down, maybe he can unite us. Trump’s visit proves that he cares about what happened in Kenosha. ” < / P > < p > in the face of opposition from officials and some people, trump seems to have no intention to cancel the visit. At the press conference on the 31st, when asked whether to consider suspending the visit plan, trump directly denied: “no, because we have done a good job in kinosha, I have to go to see the people who have performed well for me there, and we will meet countless people. We have a lot of supporters in Wisconsin, so I promise them I’ll be there when everything’s done. ”