Trump sea lake manor is broken in late at night. AK-47 is found in the intruder’s bag

On August 6, according to foreign media reports, on August 5, local time, Florida police reported that three 15-year-old boys were recently arrested for breaking into President Trump’s sea lake manor. Police also found an AK-47 assault rifle in their backpacks. However, police said they may not have realized that they had broken into Haihu manor. On July 31, local time, three 15-year-old American teenagers illegally broke into Trump’s sea lake manor. Police also found an AK-47 assault rifle and a magazine containing 14 bullets in their backpacks, according to a report from Palm Beach police spokesman o’grodnick. At midnight on July 31, local police were patrolling a car with three people sitting in it, the report said. When the police came forward to investigate, the car immediately attempted to escape. < / P > < p > when escaping to the vicinity of Haihu manor, the three boys met another police car which was normally carrying out traffic inspection. The three men abandoned the car and ran away, climbed over the fence and broke into Haihu manor. Trump was not in the resort at the time of the incident. The three teenagers were charged with illegal entry, burglary and nonviolent resisting arrest. They are being held in a juvenile detention facility and prosecutors have yet to decide whether to prosecute them as adults.