Trump says U.S. troops in Afghanistan should leave before Christmas

Trump’s announcement comes hours after U.S. national security assistant Robert O’Brien told a foreign policy seminar at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, that the size of the U.S. military in Afghanistan will be further reduced by the beginning of next year. “When President trump took office, there were more than 10000 American troops in Afghanistan. As of today, there are no more than 5000 US troops in Afghanistan, and they will be reduced to 2500 by the beginning of next year. ” Trump and several officials have previously said that the United States intends to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to 4000 to 5000 around November. How to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan depends on the situation in Afghanistan. The U.S. presidential election is scheduled to be held on November 3, and trump announced the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan less than a month after the presidential election. The Republican president is seeking re-election, claiming to wean the United States from “absurd, endless war.”. Thousands of U.S. troops are still stationed in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The United States and Afghanistan reached an agreement on February 29 that the U.S. forces in Afghanistan and NATO coalition soldiers in Afghanistan would withdraw before May 2021 in order to ensure that the territory of Afghanistan was not used to launch attacks, and agreed to negotiate with the Afghan government on issues such as cease-fire and power sharing. The Afghan government and Doha, the capital of Qatar, started peace talks on September 12. Three government officials told Reuters that the two sides have reached a consensus on a broad code of conduct to promote the talks, and have not touched on major issues such as a cease-fire that will determine the future of Afghanistan. In the view of U.S. president’s national security affairs assistant O’Brien, whether the Afghan government can reach an agreement or not is a matter for Afghans themselves. “In the end, the Afghans themselves will have to reach a peace agreement This process is slow and difficult, but we believe it is a necessary step. We think Americans need to go home. ” October 7 marks the 19th anniversary of America’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan. About 2400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan have died in the conflict and thousands of U.S. personnel have been injured since Afghanistan fell into war and turmoil.