Trump said Sudan would be removed from the list of “terrorist states.”

Washington, October 19 U.S. President trump said on the 19th that the United States will remove Sudan from the list of “supporting countries” after receiving compensation from Sudan. On the same day, trump said on social media that Sudan had agreed to pay US $335 million to the victims and their families of the United States, and the United States would remove Sudan from the list of “supporting countries” of the State Department after receiving the payment. On the same day, US media quoted us officials as saying that after the US side removed Sudan from the list of “supporting countries”, Sudan and Israel may normalize their relations in a few days. According to another report, Sudan’s transitional government prime minister hamduk said earlier this month that Sudan’s seeking to remove the country from the U.S.’s list of “supporting countries” is different from normalizing relations between Sudan and Israel. The U.S. government put Sudan on the list of “supporting countries” in 1993 and imposed economic sanctions on Sudan since 1996. In October 2017, the United States announced the lifting of economic sanctions against Sudan, but it still listed Sudan in the list of “supporting countries”. Since its establishment in 2019, the transitional government of Sudan has been seeking to remove Sudan from the list of “supporting countries” identified by the United States.