Trump reiterated that the bombing or deliberate attack in Lebanon is different from the US defense chief

According to a comprehensive foreign media report on August 6, US Defense Secretary esper said on the 5th that most people believed that this was an accident. But on the same day, President trump still reiterated that the explosion “may be a deliberate attack”; earlier, trump said on the 4th that the explosion looked “like an attack”. “The vast majority of people think it’s an accident, as reported in the media,” esper said at an event He expressed sympathy and concern for the dead and injured and said he had been discussing with Secretary of state pompeio on the provision of humanitarian assistance to Lebanon. However, the Associated Press reported that trump still said on the 5th that the explosion in Lebanon “may be a deliberate attack”. “Whatever happened, it was bad, but they really didn’t know what it was,” he insisted “No one knows yet.” At the White House meeting on the 4th, trump said that he had “received a briefing from several generals, saying it was like an attack”. On questions related to trump’s position, the Pentagon pointed out that the National Security Council of the White House should be asked. At least 135 people were killed and about 5000 people were injured in a violent explosion in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on the evening of 4th local time. The government of Lebanon declared three days of national mourning and a two-week state of emergency. Lebanon’s interior minister said it could take five days to investigate the explosion.