Trump: no blockade

According to the Washington Post, the United States reported more than 177000 confirmed cases of new crown on November 13, setting a new record for three consecutive days. More than 10.73 million cases were diagnosed and 243000 cases died. < / P > < p > since the beginning of November, the number of new crown confirmed cases in the United States has continued to increase. Many states reported record cases of infection and hospital admissions. However, U.S. President trump said at the latest press conference that the U.S. government will not implement blockade measures to contain the epidemic. He also said the government would maintain “a high degree of vigilance and caution” while requiring all Americans to remain vigilant. < / P > < p > as the number of new crown confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths continues to rise in the United States, many states further restrict social gatherings, join the travel quarantine list in hot spots, force the wearing of masks, and encourage residents to stay at home. Other states limit the opening hours of stores and restaurants as well as the capacity of restaurants. Among them, New York State tightened its epidemic prevention measures again on the 13th, and restaurants, bars and gyms in the state must close before 10 p.m. from that day on. New York City Mayor Beth Howe also said that the city’s public schools are likely to stop on-site teaching from the 16th. < p > < p > with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, fudge, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, recommends wearing masks if it is not clear whether the party members are infected with the new crown. More than 30 states now require the public to wear masks in public, according to a list from the American Association of retired persons, and some states have also increased sanctions against offenders. On the afternoon of 13th local time, US President trump held a press conference on the progress of the new crown vaccine in the rose garden of the White House. This is Trump’s first public speech after a number of US media measured Biden’s “victory” in the presidential election. At a press conference, White House officials announced that 20 million Americans are expected to be vaccinated by December. However, trump said the vaccine will not be available to New York state when it comes to the market, because New York governor Cuomo has expressed distrust of the federal government’s vaccine approval process. Trump also said that the U.S. government will not implement a blockade to curb the increasing number of new crown cases in the United States. He said the government would remain “highly vigilant and cautious.”. “It’s a complex disease, but we know it well. We ask all Americans to be vigilant, especially when it’s getting colder and harder to get out and get together outdoors. ” At present, many countries are stepping up the research and development of vaccines. However, who director general tamdesai said at the resumed session of the World Health Assembly on the 13th that a comprehensive response could contain the new coronavirus even in the absence of a vaccine, and there was no significant change in the virus itself.

Tan Desai said that novel coronavirus pneumonia will be a key tool for controlling the new crown pneumonia pandemic, and vaccine development has never been as fast as it is today. The same urgent and innovative approach is needed to ensure that all countries benefit from scientific results, but there is a long way to go. Who chief scientist swaminatan previously pointed out that if the new coronavirus vaccine, which is currently in the final stage of research and development, is finally successful, about 70% of the world’s population will be vaccinated to ensure the end of the pandemic.