Trump missed Putin’s call? Secretary of the Russian President: technically impossible

Nick Timothy, former chief of staff of former British Prime Minister Theresa May, recently revealed to the media that a few years ago, US President trump yelled at his aides because he missed the phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russian presidential secretary denied the news in an interview with Russian media on the 31st, saying it was technically impossible. Russia’s president’s press secretary, Sergei Peskov, denied the news that Putin’s call to trump had not been answered, saying it was technically impossible. “Technically, it’s impossible to miss a pre agreed call.” < / P > < p > according to Nick Timothy, during a meeting between the White House and the British delegation in 2017, trump yelled at his former national security assistant, Michael Flynn, because he did not tell himself that Putin had called. Timothy also revealed that trump later added: “if Putin wants to talk, let him contact me directly.”