Trump is optimistic about the vaccine table released before the US election

According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University on August 7, as of 20:35, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown in the world has exceeded 19.12 million, and the cumulative death rate has exceeded 715000. U.S. President trump said that the United States may launch a vaccine before the November election; India has more than 2 million confirmed cases; Japanese people rush to buy mouthwash for epidemic prevention; three more countries have been added to Britain’s entry quarantine list; and Europe is cautious to restart tourism. According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 4.88 million confirmed cases and more than 160000 deaths. Recently, the number of new cases in a single day in the United States has dropped, but the death toll is rising. The Washington University Institute of health statistics and evaluation predicts that by December 1, the country’s new crown death toll will reach nearly 300000. The government is still pushing schools to resume classes at a time when the epidemic is raging. Teachers in dozens of school districts across the United States have organized protests against returning to school. In addition, a school in Georgia announced that distance learning would be reintroduced after more than 90 staff members had been quarantined for confirmed, suspected infection with the new coronavirus or close contact with new coronavirus patients. On the 6th, trump was asked whether it is possible for the United States to launch the vaccine during the November 3 election. Trump said he was “optimistic” that “there might be a vaccine that day. I believe that the United States will definitely be able to launch the vaccine by the end of the year. ” However, the medical community in the United States is relatively cautious about the progress of the development of the new crown vaccine. Peter Hotez, a scientist who is leading the team in developing the new crown vaccine, says it will take time to test the safety of the vaccine. According to its “conservative estimate”, it may not be until the third quarter of 2021 before the new crown vaccine is widely available. On the other hand, negotiations between the White House and Congress over a new round of economic stimulus have yet to make progress. The two sides still have differences on whether to continue to provide unemployment benefits of $600 a week. However, trump said it was still possible to reach an agreement on the bail-out. < / P > < p > the number of new cases in Asia is still high. India has more than 2.03 million new crown cases, making it the third country in the world with a total of more than 2 million cases, after the United States and Brazil, the Ministry of health of India reported on the 7th. Agence France Presse said many experts were skeptical about the official data released by India, saying the number of true diagnoses may be higher. However, in East Asia, the new epidemic situation in Japan also showed a significant rebound trend, with more than 1000 new confirmed cases for many consecutive days. In addition, after the governor of Osaka called on people at high risk of new crown infection to use mouthwash frequently, there was a rush to buy gargles in Japan recently, and many shops sold out of mouthwashes. The Ministry of health, health and labor recently made an urgent clarification, saying that the effect of mouthwash on epidemic prevention needs to be further verified. In addition, according to the statistics of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention, as of 11:00 local time on August 7, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown in Africa has exceeded 1 million, and the cumulative death cases have exceeded 22000. More than half of the confirmed cases are in South Africa, where health experts say the epidemic may peak in late August or early September. At present, “the African continent is at a critical moment” and “the virus has spilled from big cities and spread to remote villages,” according to marcidiso moetti, who regional director for Africa. To curb the spread of the epidemic, Kenya’s Senate suspended the on-site meetings of various committees for one month. Mozambique’s president, New Zealand, announced on the evening of 5 that the country will again enter a state of emergency from August 8 until September 6. < p > < p > SRC = taken by Peng Dawei of China News Agency, SRC = on the afternoon of December 31, Tegel Airport, the busiest airport in Berlin, Germany, now has few passengers. According to the latest data released by the airport, although its passenger flow in June this year increased three times compared with that in May, it still decreased by 94.9% year-on-year, and decreased by 66.7% in the first half of this year. Although the European Union and Germany have been gradually “unsealed”, Germany’s major airports are still in depression due to the fact that Germany has only opened its borders to more than ten non EU countries so far. Photo by Peng Dawei, China News Agency. It is understood that in the EU, tourism contributes about 10% of GDP and provides about 12% of employment. As the epidemic is still under control, countries have to slow down the pace of restarting tourism. On August 7 local time, British Transport Minister grant sharps said passengers entering the UK from Belgium, Bahamas and Andorra must be quarantined for 14 days from 4:00 BST on August 8, and those who violate the regulations will face fines. Prior to this, the United Kingdom has implemented the entry quarantine policy to Spain and Luxembourg. In addition to the United Kingdom, the Swiss government also decided to strictly control the entry of people from countries outside the Schengen area from August 8. The Finnish government decided on the 6th to resume travel restrictions on the Netherlands, Belgium and Andorra from the 10th. Austria’s Foreign Ministry issued a new travel warning to Spain on June 6, requiring that personnel from Spain must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate before entering the country. Germany’s Federal Minister of health, Stephen Spang, announced on the 6th that all personnel entering Germany from high-risk areas of the epidemic will be required to carry out virus testing from August 8. Passengers must be tested within 48 hours before or 72 hours after entering the country. They need to be quarantined before the negative results are issued. < p > < p > China’s focus is face-to-face: “Chang’e exploration of the moon”, the most difficult space mission in history. How to implement it? ——Interview with Li Qing, chief designer of chang’e-5 detector