Trump campaign advertisement arouses suspicion of “US military intervention”

U.S. President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign team released an online advertisement on the 12th, using photos of high-level civilian officials and uniformed officers of the US Department of defense, which was accused of violating the Pentagon’s “non-interference in politics” policy. According to the U.S. daily Capitol Hill, the ad is aimed at voters who may vote by mail in November’s presidential election, featuring photos of trump standing with Defense Secretary mark esper, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, and vice president Mike burns. However, the U.S. Department of defense has explicitly banned active servicemen from participating in campaign activities during their on-the-job campaign, including providing volunteer services to candidates, attending election rallies, and authorizing campaign teams to use their military uniform image as propaganda materials. In a memorandum in February this year, esper reiterated in a memorandum that active servicemen must “uphold the long held non political tradition of the Ministry of defense in performing their official duties”. In an exclusive interview broadcast on the morning of the 12th, Miley told NPR that the U.S. military has “not been involved in domestic politics” for the past 240 years. “We have not vowed allegiance to individuals, kings, Queens, presidents or others We pledge to an idea or a set of ideas and values deeply rooted in the Chinese constitution. “. In June this year, the media photographed Miley and esper walking with trump through a square near the White House and taking photos at a church. The media believe that trump has released information through “shooting”. People gathered in the square to protest against racial discrimination and violent law enforcement, and were dispersed by federal police and National Guard personnel. < / P > < p > the photos seem to show the military’s political stance against the protest activities, and the high-level of the US military has been criticized by public opinion. Miley publicly expressed regret after the photo incident, saying he “shouldn’t have been there at the time.”. Esper, speaking at a defense department meeting a few days after the incident, said he had tried to keep the military away from politics, “but with the election approaching, it’s very difficult to do so.”. Micro special manuscript