Trump administration prevents Biden team from contacting intelligence agencies? US Department of defense response

In summary, US media reported that the US trump administration prevented president elect Biden’s transition team from meeting with Pentagon intelligence officials this week. On December 4, U.S. Defense Department spokesman Sue Goff denied the news, saying Biden’s team “has not been denied any visit.”. < / P > < p > according to current and former U.S. officials quoted by the Washington Post, the Department of defense rejected Biden’s team’s request this week, making it impossible for Biden’s team to contact the heads of the national security agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and other military spy agencies. For most of the week, Biden’s team met with officials from the office of the director of national intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency, which are also U.S. intelligence agencies but independent of the Department of defense. On the 4th local time, Su Gough denied the news, saying that Biden’s team “has not been denied any visit” and that the requested meeting may be held as early as next week. Another US media pointed out that a senior defense official said that a briefing on military affairs had been held for members of Biden’s transition team on the 4th, involving high-level policy and international security issues, but there was no relevant briefing. < / P > < p > according to reports, officials said that the rejection letters forwarded to Biden’s team this week were all due to some seemingly insignificant procedural obstacles. One of them said the Pentagon had repeatedly asked Biden’s team to provide a list of people who would attend the visit, a list of issues and the estimated time it would take. < / P > < p > an anonymous Defense Department official pointed out that in view of the sensitivity of relevant issues, Biden’s transition team members improperly contacted the relevant agencies directly to arrange visits and briefing, but were told that they needed to submit an application to the Pentagon. < / P > < p > previously, on November 23, the U.S. General Administration had written to Biden, informing him that it would provide resources and services for the presidential transition process. The U.S. government departments have also successively started the power transfer and transition process.