Touareg ehybrid Touareg r opens pre-sale of Volkswagen flagship SUV, starting at about 574000 yuan

A few days ago, e-Car learned from Volkswagen officials that the electric SUV models Touareg ehybrid and Touareg R are on pre-sale in overseas markets. The starting price of Touareg ehybrid is about 574000 yuan (72378 euros), and the starting price of Touareg R is about 670000 yuan (84660 euros). < / P > < p > Touareg ehybrid / Touareg R are plug-in hybrid vehicles, with wltp driving range of 47 km and comprehensive driving range of 810 km in pure electric mode. Both models are all wheel drive models. The configuration and functions of traditional fuel version Touareg also appear in plug-in hybrid models, including a four temperature zone automatic air conditioning, digital cockpit, navigation system and openable panoramic skylight. Touareg r also comes standard with interactive IQ.LIGHT ——LED matrix headlamp. The hybrid system of Touareg ehybrid / Touareg R is composed of a V6 gasoline engine and an electric motor. The maximum power of Touareg ehybrid is 280 kW (381 HP) and that of Touareg R is 340 kW (462 HP). During driving, the battery can be charged continuously through braking energy recovery. Touareg ehybrid and Touareg R can completely shut down the V6 engine in deceleration and downhill sections, rely on electric energy to maintain in car function, and realize zero emission when taxiing. < / P > < p > according to the survey, 99% of trips in Germany are less than 100 km. At this distance, plug-in hybrid vehicles with rechargeable batteries are very attractive and can bring very low fuel consumption. < / P > < p > the new plug-in hybrid is still as powerful as all Touareg models. Touareg ehybrid and Touareg r both have a maximum trailer weight of 3.5 tons and the same four-wheel drive system as the standard version. In terms of driving assistance system, Touareg ehybrid and Touareg R are equipped with travel assist function. The system can work at a speed of less than 250 km / h. the vehicle will not only monitor the vehicles in front of it, but also respond to speed limit, curve and intersection. In addition, Touareg is also the first Volkswagen with new parking aid that can be remotely controlled by a smartphone app. Vehicles can automatically enter and exit parking spaces through remote control. For the new Touareg ehybrid and Touareg R, both functions can be used in all electric e-mode without starting the engine.