“Total isolation” will be implemented in the capital of Bolivia so that medical teams can enter their homes for investigation

From door to door, the novel coronavirus pneumonia is being tested by the medical team and the new crown virus is being detected quickly. The new

is now being released to the confirmed patients. Therefore, it is suggested that the citizens stay at home during this period so that the medical team can work smoothly, and it is expected that this work will be carried out through the operation, Revila said. During from August 16th to 23rd, the medical team will be able to check the new crown virus quickly and get the new crown virus quickly. And about 100000 families in La Paz. In addition, ravira also pointed out that the municipal government and the municipal emergency action committee have decided to implement four-day epidemic prevention and control measures on the national holiday on August 6, Friday, August 7, and weekends on August 8 and 9. During this period, the city of La Paz will ban public and private activities to reduce the transmission speed and infection rate of new coronavirus.