Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to set up infectious disease control center

Tokyo, October 27, the epidemic prevention committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games held its fourth meeting on October 27, focusing on the epidemic prevention measures for international officials, media reporters and volunteers. The committee decided to set up an infectious disease control center to strengthen the monitoring and control of epidemic situation before and after the Olympic Games. It has been revealed that the infectious disease control center will be set up under the Department of the main operation center of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. The control center has two main tasks: one is to monitor the health status of athletes, including early detection of suspected infected personnel and timely provision of effective treatment; the other is to share relevant information, so as to know and contact the personnel with positive test results as soon as possible History, prevent the spread of the epidemic. < / P > < p > as the epidemic prevention measures for athletes were discussed at the third meeting held at the beginning of this month, the discussion objects of the day were mainly aimed at the organizers, international celebrities invited to participate in the meeting, media reporters, volunteers and contractors, etc., and the topics discussed involved the epidemic prevention measures of the above-mentioned personnel in the links of transportation, accommodation, entry and exit. As for the epidemic prevention measures for media reporters, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games revealed that since most of the journalists entered the country about a week before the opening of the Olympic Games, the 14 day quarantine measure is definitely not feasible. Due to the impossibility of isolation, it is necessary to introduce some specific behavior norms for media reporters. In addition, considering that there are many opportunities for journalists and athletes to contact, it is necessary to set up protective barriers in the mixed area and press conference area of the stadium to ensure a certain safety distance between journalists and athletes. The organizing committee also considered reducing the number of journalists, preventing the emergence of a crowd, and opening up online interview channels. However, after the meeting, minaro taketo, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, told reporters that all measures are still under discussion, and the specific plan needs to be further discussed and decided. According to the plan, the epidemic prevention committee will hold five meetings. The first meeting discussed the epidemic prevention of athletes, as well as the epidemic prevention measures of Olympic Village and competition venues. The last meeting will discuss the epidemic prevention measures of spectators and further confirm the epidemic situation. The epidemic prevention committee for the Tokyo Olympic Games is composed of three parties, namely, the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Mr. Sugita, serves as the speaker. According to the plan, specific epidemic prevention measures will be introduced by the end of this year.