Tokyo continues to worsen, authorities will open two new crown specialist hospitals

On August 7, according to the Japan Broadcasting Association, on the afternoon of the 7th local time, Koike baihezi, the governor of Tokyo, said that two new crown specialized hospitals would be opened in order to cope with the worsening new crown epidemic. According to the data released earlier by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as of 3:00 p.m. local time on the 7th, 462 new cases of new crown were confirmed in the local area, and more than 400 cases were added in a single day after nearly a week, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the local area has also exceeded 15000. One is the Tokyo Hospital Affiliated to the medical department of Donghai University in Shibuya District, and the other is the old capital lifuzhong medical center in Tokyo. The two hospitals will be put into operation in September and October respectively after necessary modification works are carried out, and a total of 200 beds can be provided for patients with new crown, according to the introduction of Xiaochi. In addition, 10 hospitals in Tokyo have secured 1000 new beds for new crown patients.