Tight control of imported cold chain food in Henan Province

Dai Baihua, vice governor of Henan Province, recently visited Xinzheng customs, Henan Wanbang international agricultural products logistics city and Zhengzhou Shuanghui food Co., Ltd. to inspect the management of imported cold chain food. After checking and inquiring the import and export business, cold chain food management, wholesale and sales, as well as the enterprise’s risk control on imported products, Dai Baihua stressed that it was necessary to strengthen the control of imported cold chain food, do a solid job in nucleic acid detection and preventive comprehensive disinfection, increase the strength of spot check, improve the traceability information management, and strengthen the storage, transportation, processing and marketing The whole process management and control of sales, to ensure that the source of cold chain food can be traced and the destination can be traced, and firmly hold the import gate of epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen the health monitoring of employees, establish health registration system for high-risk post personnel such as cold chain food loading and unloading, logistics drivers, and urge them to do a good job in personal protection.