Tianmei’s et5 has a maximum driving range of 520 km from 152800 yuan after the listing subsidy

Recently, Yiche learned from Tianmei auto that et5, a medium-sized pure electric SUV model of Tianmei auto, was officially launched. Four new models were launched, and the price range after subsidy was 152800-198800 yuan. There are two endurance versions available for the new car. The endurance mileage of NEDC is 410km and 520km respectively. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the overall modeling of Tianmei et5 is fashionable and stylish. It adopts the modern “Bauhaus” design concept, more unrestrained lines and concave design in the lower bumper area, so that the visual transverse width has been significantly improved. The closed design of China Grid makes people see the identity of pure electric vehicle at a glance, and the through design connects the two side headlights together It has a strong sense of recognition and visual impact when equipped with a 300 meter matrix headlamp. < / P > < p > from the side of the car body, the overall line of the new car is relatively smooth. Its waistline extends from the front fender to the tail lamp. With the wide tail design, it creates a forward diving visual experience. The front and rear raised eyebrows also add a sense of movement to the car. < / P > < p > the tail lamp adopts the current popular through design, and also uses the letter logo of “skywell”. With the large area of side lamp below, the recognition of the whole vehicle has been significantly improved. < / P > < p > in terms of interior decoration, the black main color matching and chrome plating elements are added to make the overall look younger. The three spoke multi-functional steering wheel is very textured. With the 12.3-inch suspended central control LCD screen, the 12.8-inch LCD instrument and the knob shift mechanism, it is not only the highlight of interior decoration, but also highlights the sense of technology of the whole vehicle. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with skylink intelligent networking system provided by Skyworth technology and l2.5 intelligent driving assistance system, which will improve the experience and intelligence. < / P > < p > Tianmei et5 is also equipped with a patented sleeping seat and 10 way electric adjustment, which is more ergonomic. Affected by this year’s epidemic, et5 also pays more attention to safety considerations. It is equipped with HEPA grade air conditioning filter element, which can effectively filter 95% of the dust particles with a diameter of more than 0.3 micron and 99.99% of PM2.5 particles, providing users with a relatively safe driving environment.