Tianlian-2-01 provides information transmission support for “Chang’e” search and rescue

In the early morning of December 1717 in Beijing, chang’e-5 lander successfully landed in the predetermined area of Inner Mongolia. In the search and rescue mission, tianlian-2-01 established the information transmission link between the communication helicopter of search and rescue air unit and Beijing space flight control center, realizing the real-time transmission of image, voice, scheduling and other business data, laying a solid foundation for the success of the search and rescue mission. < / P > < p > before the mission, Beijing space information transmission center, according to the arrangement of landing site headquarters, manually input the theoretical landing coordinate points of chang’e-5 for relevant state configuration, and cooperated with several landing site mission drills. < / P > < p > “before the search and rescue personnel board, our communication operation post has opened helicopter scheduling according to the command command. During the search and rescue mission, we need to monitor the link status and carefully observe the image transmission of the optical pod.” Qin Mingchen, the general engineer of the mission, introduced. < / P > < p > “23 days ago, in this hall, we provided Space-based TT & C services for the long March-5 remote-5 carrier rocket through the sky link satellite, and successfully escorted Chang’e to explore the moon. Now, we also want to welcome her back successfully. ” Gao Quan, the commander of the mission, said. < / P > < p > it is understood that Beijing space information transmission center has recently carried out intensive Space-based TT & C tasks. In the face of complicated jobs, they have been working steadily and step by step. They have always served various major tasks in the front line of Space-based TT & C, and the success rate of tasks has reached 100%.