Three U.S. soldiers in Okinawa, Japan, have been arrested for drunken injuries

China news network, Nov. 2, according to Japanese media reports, on November 1, three U.S. soldiers stationed in Okinawa, Japan, were arrested by local police on suspicion of injuring people after drinking. One of them is said to have stabbed another American soldier with a sharp blade. According to reports, at about 23:30 local time on October 31, Jefferson, a first-class soldier attached to the Mu Gang supply area of the US military stationed in Japan, stabbed another US soldier with a sharp blade on the road in Meibin, Beigu town. Subsequently, the police arrested him as an active criminal. It is said that the two did not know each other before the conflict, and the suspect was drunk at the time. At present, the lives of the assassinated American soldiers are not in danger. According to the report, Jefferson was then taken to the interrogation room for investigation. In the process, Jefferson kicked the indoor items, causing damage to the indoor articles. The police arrested him again on the spot on suspicion of damaging the utensils. On the same day, two U.S. soldiers were arrested by the local police for committing atrocities against service personnel and customers in Meibin, beitanding and Minghu City, respectively. It is said that the two men were also drunk at the time of the crime. At present, both are under further investigation by the police. Okinawa Prefecture accounts for only 0.6% of Japan’s territory, but undertakes more than 70% of the US military bases in Japan. Over the years, crimes, plane crashes, falling objects, noise and other issues of the U.S. military stationed in Japan have been repeatedly prohibited, and Okinawa people have been deeply disturbed.